This site dedicated to the painter Marius Pierre Cousin was created in 2006 and since then the computer world has evolved considerably. Smartphones and tablets have appeared and under these conditions the site needs to be brought up to date.
We hope you enjoy the new presentation which lends itself better to new technologies.
However, the painter’s way of working has not changed. For him, painting is always born from an emotional event that gives rise to one or more sketches. These are decisive in the construction of the work to come. The time devoted to drawing allows the painter to think about the composition, the colors.
We can better understand this by comparing the watercolor of the Notre Dame fire and the two preparatory sketches. The first is quite confusing and the second quite close to the final watercolor.
Of course, not all sketches give birth to paintings. Most of them are done in felt-tip pen or red chalk, therefore single-colored, leaving more to the imagination.